Visit Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.: Things to do in Cleveland – The Forest City

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Visit Cleveland – Top 10 Things which can be done in Cleveland. What you can visit in Cleveland – Most visited touristic attractions of Cleveland

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
A museum dedicated to archiving the history of some of the best-known and most influential artists, producers, engineers and others who have, in some major way, influenced the music industry.

Metroparks Zoo
A 183-acre (74 ha) zoo. Founded in 1882. One of the most popular year-round attractions in Northeast Ohio. Has 3,000 animal residents representing more than 600 different species.

West Side Market
The oldest operating indoor/outdoor market space in Cleveland. Began operating in 1840, across the street from its current location. Attracts tourists from all parts of the US, who tour the market and learn about its history.

Greater Cleveland Aquarium
An aquarium 0ccupying the historic FirstEnergy Powerhouse building. Opened in January of 2012. consists of 70,000 square feet of exhibition space. Exhibits representing local and exotic species of fish.

Botanical Garden
Founded in 1930. The centerpiece is The Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse: a conservatory home to plant and animal life from two separate biomes, the spiny desert of Madagascar and the cloud forest of Costa Rica.

Willard Park
A public park in downtown. It is the location of the public sculpture Free Stamp, and is the home of the original Cleveland Fire Fighters Memorial.

Terminal Tower
A 52-story, 235 m (771 ft), landmark skyscraper located on Public Square. On a clear day, visitors on the observation deck can see 30 miles (48 km) from downtown Cleveland.

Old Stone Church
A historic Presbyterian church located in downtown. The oldest building on Public Square. The second church built within the city limits. Has stood virtually unchanged to this day, and is the last remaining church designed by the Heard and Porter architectural firm.

Wade Park
A park in the University Circle neighborhood. Attractions: The Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, Botanical Garden, Wade Park Fine Arts Garden

Children’s Museum of Cleveland
A museum in the University Circle area. Dedicated to helping young children develop physically, emotionally, and socially. Encourages adults to aid children in their development.

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New Documents Show Archdiocese Shielded Pedophile Priests

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Newly released documents reveal how the Milwaukee archdiocese dealt with dozens of priests accused of sexually abusing children. Pedophile priests were moved from parish to parish, often protected from criminal complaints. Ray Suarez talks to Laurie Goodstein, who covers these issues for The New York Times.


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Deep into the Fire Tunnel of Judgement. Bethel Redding BSSM Mind Control Military Intelligence Occult Rituals Staged News Stories. Noah Harpham Sherri Papini Cameron Gamble you will see sometime soon what found sifting through the ashes and the charred remains of what is left of The Bethel Redding military Programming
fire evacuation 7-26-2018

LifePoint Church Longwood – LIVE (8/12/18)

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LifePoint Christian Church is a group of Christ-followers that meet weekly just north of Orlando, Florida. Our goal is to be “Focused on Christ, and Faithful In The Community.” We strive to be a place of grace, where any person who is seeking the truth of God can be a part. We are a family, and we are dedicated to teachings of Jesus. For more information about our church family, check out

El Paso Christmas Lights 2015 – Official HD

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El Paso “Fred Loya” Christmas Light Show 2015

The show has over 450K lights.

Winners of ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight 2014

12001 Paseo De Oro Ln, El Paso, Texas 79936

The Light Show will be returning Friday, November 27, 2015!

Show dates are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Showtimes are at 6, 7 &8pm!

Please make sure you go with enough time and park at Montwood High School.

There is NO parking in the neighborhoods or at the church.

Please park at Montwood High School!


Intro: “The House (Instrumental)” by John Williams

1. “Carol Of The Bells (Instrumental)” by David Foster

2. “Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker, Op. 71-Act 2- No. 14c Pas De Deux: Variation (Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy)” by Valery Gergiev & Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre

3. “Sleigh Ride” by Leroy Anderson

4. “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silento

5.”Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24 (Instrumental)” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Outro: “Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition – Album Overture” by Danny Elfman

Child Dedication in Baptist Church

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In the majority of Protestant denominations that practice it, child dedication is a symbolic ceremony undertaken by Christian parents soon after the birth of a child. The rite is intended to be a public statement by the parents that they will train their children in the Christian faith and seek to instill that faith in them. The congregation also seeks to encourage the parents to bring up the child in the faith. There is no implied salvation/baptism in the ceremony.

The idea of dedicating a child to the Lord can certainly be found in the Bible. Hannah was a barren wife who promised to dedicate her child to God if He would give her a son (1 Samuel 1:11). Luke 2:21 begins the account of Mary and Joseph taking Jesus to the temple after eight days in order to dedicate Him to the Lord. This was slightly more involved since it involved circumcision, but once again this ceremony did not indicate any level of salvation or baptism. It was establishing a future reminder for these children that there was a God who had set Israel apart and deserved to be served.

As Christians, we are baptized and participate in the Lord’s Supper as outward and public signs of what Christ has done within us. While baby dedication is not an officially instituted sacrament of the church, there does not seem to be any conflict with Scripture as long as parents do not view it as assuring the salvation or baptism of the child.

7 Thunders Joseph coleman photo explained by bro Peary Green

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This is a clip of bro. Peary Green Pastor of the Tucson Tabernacle explaining his viewing of the so called supernatural light taken of Joseph Coleman in South Africa in the 70’s. William Branham prophet to our age said: 52 Today there is so much based upon intellectual. There’s so much based in Pentecostal, upon fantastics, upon emotions. Now, don’t take a substitute when Pentecostal skies are loaded with the real thing. Don’t take some little emotions, some little work up, some little oil falling from your hands, or a bloody face, don’t take these little emotions when the whole skies of God is full of real genuine Pentecostal blessings. He will give you a new heart, a new spirit, and put His Spirit in you.
57-0113 – What Does It Take To Make A Christian Life?
Rev. William Marrion Branham……